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Oenology, or enology, is the science of wine and winemaking.

An expert in the field of oenology is known as an oenologist.

(The word oenology is derived from the Greek oinos, “wine,”

and logos, “word” or “speech.”) Oenologist.com is about

the People of Wine.

    • The experts who spend years learning their trade

    so that they can grow and convert grapes into great

    wine — the viticulturists and oenologists.

    • Trained and knowledgeable wine professionals

    who specialize in all aspects of wine service —

    the sommeliers.

    • The men, women, and families of vision, passion,

resources, and often of fortuitous heritage the —

owners of vineyards and wineries.


Oenologist.com is not another wine review site. We are vinophiles who happen to find the people in our favorite industry to be generally a fascinating lot intelligent, enthusiastic, and always with something to say. Besides providing us with our favorite beverage, oenologists add color and depth to our lives. Not to mention a touch of oak and a hint of dandelion.

Oenology is a vast and fast-changing world. Please Give Us Your Suggestions for additions, changes, and new features. We hope you enjoy your visits to Oenologist.com.

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